Your First Treatment

During the first appointment you will be tested for as many allergens as possible.

The allergy test is done by way of muscle testing (Kinesiology). An energy vial of the substance (food, pollen, chemical, vaccination, virus and many others) is individually placed in your hand while you are muscle tested.

A weak reaction will indicate that this substance needs to be treated as your body is reacting to it and a list of subsequent treatments will be established.

This takes one hour inclusive of a detailed medical history taking.

Subsequent Treatments

On the following appointment, the first allergen will be treated. The appointment takes 30mn.

You will be asked to lie on your stomach, while some acupressure is exerted down your spine a number of times. Then you will rest with the vial in your hand for 10 minutes.

Preparation Before the Visit

You might like to bring along any substance, food, cosmetic etc. for testing. You also should bring along your drugs and supplement if any.

Do not come on an empty stomach.

Do not wear any perfume.

NAET Allergy Treatment Can Benefit Anyone

The very young and the elderly are tested through a surrogate. Most of my clients are children but anyone can benefit.

Number of Treatments

One allergen is cleared per visit. We all have different genetic make up and history so it varies tremendously from one individual to another but after the first appointment we would have a reasonable idea.

Do not give up your allergy treatments after 4 or 5 sessions, particularly if it is something you have lived with for many years.

Our Protocol

There are 10 basic groups of foods/vitamins that have to be cleared.

By clearing foods, we strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and absorption. This allows your body to get the necessary nutrients which are essential when undergoing the subsequent allergy treatments.